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Charades for the Culture

Choose from dope categories like Kids & Fam, Mic Check or  Rep Yo City. There's something for everyone

Each category has a variety of decks to make your game night litty!!  Choose one or create your own. 


Version 1.0

- Play with one friend or the whole squad 
- Draw a new card by tilting your phone up for a correct answer or down to pass
- Choose from 7 categories including more than 50 decks 

Independence - Horatio The Best Man
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Categories & decks include:
-Mic Check: 90s, Rappers, One Hit Wonders
-Flicks: 80s & 90s, Cult Classics
-TV Guide: Sitcoms & Series, Love & Hip Hop
-Kids & Fam: Animals, Black History Makers, Super Heroes, The Bible
-Rich & Famous: Reality Stars, Athletes
-Show Off: Dances, Sports, Occupations
-Rep Yo City: Detroit, Atlanta, New York

There is something in this game for everyone! Play with fam, friends, kids, classmates, bible study groups, ANYONE!

Original music by Horatio The Best Man

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